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Located in Peterborough, General & Medical Healthcare specialise in providing Private Healthcare solutions to individuals, families, businesses, associations and affinity groups. Our Private Medical Insurance schemes offer wide-ranging cover options for in-patient and out-patient treatments with high levels of cover and support for policyholders with Cancer, both alongside and independent of the NHS.

General & Medical Healthcare

Benefits of General & Medical Healthcare

We have a wide range of innovative solutions available for our clients including optional upgrades to our core cover options not available elsewhere, including benefits for certain pre-existing medical conditions not normally covered by PMI. Our clients also have the option to choose where they are treated as we have access to over 1,000 participating hospitals and medical facilities across the UK.

We work closely in partnership with a wide variety of intermediaries, ranging from PMI specialists to Employee Benefit Consultants where we offer bespoke flex benefit solutions for companies providing flexibility and innovation in product design and delivery.

We also offer our unique HealthcareConnect solution, which offers special schemes which can be used by affinity groups and associations which may wish to make cover available to their employees or members without involvement in the selling process while fulfilling an important employee (or member) benefit solution.

Alongside all of this, our policyholders have access to a range of additional services and benefits from access to our Health and Wellbeing Service to enjoying our exclusive Lifestyle Rewards.

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