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General & Medical Finance Ltd is the Sales, Marketing and Administration centre for the Group based in our Peterborough Office. The company, founded in late 1988 and incorporated in 1989, utilises several pertinent trading names to offer diverse Insurance products and allied services to a range of different audiences including, International Insurance and Re-insurance, Private Medical Insurance and Sports Health Insurance.

Trading Names of General & Medical Finance Ltd Include:

General & Medical Finance Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who are responsible for regulating the financial sector in the UK and ensuring that customers are treated fairly. General & Medical Finance Ltd has been, for many years, and still is a coverholder at Lloyd’s of London and is a Managing General Agent, which means it provides professional underwriting services on behalf of insurers and as such is a member of the Association of Managing General Agents, the MGAA.

General & Medical Finance Ltd

General & Medical Finance Ltd products include:

General & Medical Finance Ltd

Other services include:

  • Established insurance and reinsurance broker with direct access to Lloyd's of London
  • Retail and Wholesale Insurance for the UK and International Markets
  • Stop Loss Insurance
  • Health Information Guides
  • Wellbeing Services
  • Legal Helplines
  • Counselling Services
  • Medical Helplines
  • Insurance Premium Finance